Jason Zucker Freed From Iowa In A Twist That Would Fit In Any "Twilight Zone" Episode

Remember last week when Minnesota keeping Mikael Granlund over Jason Zucker blew the "State of Hockey" up in a ball of fire? The guy who scored a playoff OT winner being robbed by having to toil in that hellhole Iowa rather than a player nicknamed Finnish Baby Jesus? It may speak to how well the youth pipeline has flowed in over the last 3 years, but even the people who have spent years covering prospects were a little shocked at the outrage (and the fauxrage).

Like it wouldn't have been out of place for a Minnesota Wild fan to get out the voodoo doll and cause another forward to be injured just so final cut Zucker would be freed from the AHL.

If that was the case, here's your "Twilight Zone" ending. The injured player is currently the most promising young forward of them all.

Zucker has been recalled by Minnesota to replace Charlie Coyle. The 21 year-old, who scored 14 points (8G-6A) in 37 games last season, is expected to be out for 3-4 weeks after he sprained his knee Saturday night in the second period of the Wild's 4-3 overtime loss to Anaheim. Coyle was checked by Ducks forward Andrew Cogliano and didn't return to the game.

It's a blow for Minnesota. Coyle had made strides in the offseason (as well as scoring 3 preseason goals) to be the team's second line center over Granlund and others. There was promise. Being without Coyle for a month - fitting given Minnesota sports - hurts the Wild's depth and robs them of a player on the cusp.

Zucker, who scored 5 points (4G-1A) in addition to his playoff heroics last year, for his part has yet to play a meaningful game for Iowa. The AHL regular season kicks off next Saturday.

But in the words of Henry Bemis, this whole scenario is one big "That's not fair. That's not fair."

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