First Round Bust Turns 3

Today is the third anniversary of First Round Bust. Our original introduction - nearly 1000 posts ago - was published on October 29, 2010. It was simple.
Welcome to First Round Bust, a blog about the Minnesota Wild and hockey in general. The name itself comes from the franchise's poor ability to draft and an honest take of ourselves. There's much more to come and plenty of fun all around so hopefully this takes off.
I'd like to think we've kept to that spirit even if the name "First Round Bust" doesn't apply that well to the Minnesota Wild in 2013. That's fine. Things change and in the past year we were able to cover playoff hockey for the first time following years of going home early.

Of course, we also "covered" a Lockout last year, which really showed the highs and lows that go with the NHL. Teams and players grow as time moves forward. Some of the first players covered in our now-annual Draft coverage and subsequent prospect viewings have gone from unknowns to playing in the NHL. Same goes with drafted players - the first ever in-depth prospect report was a sixth-round pick who started a game in Toronto a couple weeks back.

Despite the names of the players changing, our bread and butter of covering prospects and the Minnesota Wild continues. Even as we continue to grow and cover other teams and outlets. Dan's scouting role continues to grow. That has made for better insight and first-hand knowledge when it comes to draft coverage. Just this past weekend I was at Mariucci Arena watching 2012 fourth round pick Adam Gilmour play for Boston College.

And of course, there's always the 23 guys in Iron Range Red, Forest Green, and that new snazzy white sweater.

On behalf of Dan, Tommy, Jarick, Tim and everyone else who has contributed, read or clicked on an article, I just want to thank you for continuing to read. Although the site continues to grow in readership, more than doubling last year's total, it's not the easiest thing to continue blogging sometimes. This isn't a fancy news outlet and the site doesn't make money off of advertisements.

It's just a cast of thousands (or really ten) who are passionate about their team and keeping close to the principles outlined in that first post two years ago.

Whether it is prospects, professional analysis, satire or anything in-between, hopefully there is something you have enjoyed. Hopefully we'll have more in the next year.

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