NBC Sports Net Has 2 New NHL Shows That The Wild Will Probably Never Appear

NBC Sports Network hasn't done much additional programming for its flagship NHL property outside of the poor man's 24/7 "NHL 36." That's about to change on October 9th. From Ken Schott of The Daily Gazette.
"NHL Rivals" will delve into the storied history between many of the "Wednesday Night Rivalry" matchups. The show will air at 10:30 p.m. Tuesdays, with a re-air at 6:30 p.m. Wednesday.

At 11 p.m. on Tuesdays, "NHL Top 10" looks into some of the most timeless debates hockey fans have discussed for decades.
Minnesota, for the record, does not appear on "Wednesday Night Rivalry" this year despite making 12 appearances on NBCSN. The lack of "Wednesday Night Rivalry" action is  much to the loss of the great "Wild-Red Wings" and "Wild-Blackhawks" rivalries that no one knew existed last year. In fairness, the Minnesota-Chicago one now has last year's playoffs and a new division, but we're still trying too hard (or in the case of Minnesota-Winnipeg - making up this great "North Stars-Jets" rivalry that never existed to justify this) to create a rival.

The same goes with "NHL Top 10." I don't see the Wild showing up much with timeless hockey debates outside of "what's the worst team nickname?" That's the issue when both programs deal with history and yours exists on a different, non-NHL plane. It's great for those in "State of Hockey," although not nationally nor when the league starts looking for a team to host a Winter Classic.

There's another top 10 for the Wild - "what teams haven't hosted an outdoor game?"

I'm not even mad anymore that Washington is hosting what seems like the 80th NHL outdoor game and Craig Leipold and co. continue to lobby unsuccessfully. It's funny now.

At some point - maybe this weekend - there's a thought piece on the US hockey conversation which sits half-done and unpublished that should see the light of the day. Having these two shows is a start, but there's always more.

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