FRB Top 20 Prospects: #9...Raphael Bussieres

(Richard Wolowicz/Getty)
Raphael Bussieres, Wing
Iowa Wild
6'1" 194 Pounds 11/5/1993
Second Round, 46th Overall 2012 Draft

It was a close call between Bussieres (pronounced Boo-see-yearus) and Brett Bulmer, but ultimately it came down to that we felt Bussieres had just a bit more natural offensive upside than his compatriot at #10. A thorny power forward type, he fits the "tweener" mold we've written about ad nauseum; a guy who can play anywhere in the middle-6 or bottom-9 and still have the ability to contribute.
He'll be in Iowa this Fall, where he'll get his first taste of being a professional- there are cautionary tales already about how Bulmer and Zack Phillips' years went- where he'll keep working on what has always been his biggest knock- consistency and bringing it every game.

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