Bjorn Krupp...Never Forget

I heard the news today, oh boy,,,

Where do we start? Maybe we should talk about what Krupp brought to the Minnesota franchise in his distinguished career time spent playing here period of time where his Entry Level Contract slid from year to year. A veteran of 1000 500 100 50 games 1 game two prospect development camps, Krupp's presence was legendary.

Just like Taylor Peters. Or Carter Sandlak. But not on the level of Kyle Thomas. Let's not kid ourselves here.

It is a sad day indeed, as while we weep that Bjorn Krupp will never don the new road sweaters, I'm sure he is distraught as he is no longer the "guy in the German Bier League with a NHL contract." Now he is just "a guy in the German Bier League."

We end this little ode by letting Bjorn Krupp we died a little inside when we saw he was put on unconditional waivers, that there will be a hole in our hearts, an empty void to fill; much like the spot on the 50 contract roster that was opened up for someone who will presumably help the club at some point.

Paging Daniel Gunnarsson...

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