"Becoming Wild" Season 3 Episode 1 Review

If the season 3 premiere of "Becoming Wild" taught us anything, it's that Mike Yeo is on an island both physically as well as being an NHL head coach.

Unfortunately, there isn't much else hockey-wise. The Minnesota head coach's half-hour episode fits in with the rest of season 2's "Cribs"/day in a life piece. Yeo spends his day relaxing with family and friends on his Northern Ontario island.
Season 3 of "Becoming Wild" kicks off following Kevin Falness narration of a list of Yeo's accomplishments with the head coach stepping off of a boat. That right there should be enough of an indicator to where the mindset of Monday's episode is - the middle of the offseason. Things only become more clear as the half-hour episode runs along.

Minnesota's camera crew tags along for an offseason checklist with Yeo, which shows family is important for the Wild head coach. Being an NHL head coach means he spends by his own admission 18 hours at the rink so any downtime is welcomed. Yeo spends his day golfing with his son Kyler, grabbing lunch afterward before heading back to his island summer home. There he spends the evening fishing, eating with friends and family and ending the night by building a fire.

As far as getting to know Mike Yeo goes, seeing him take us through a team-produced day in his life on an island halfway between his hometown of North Bay, Ontario (few hundred miles north of Toronto) and wife's hometown of Sudbury is a success.

That said, I don't really know how much I want to get to know the head coach. Not as a buddy, anyways. There are moments when his personality shines through - Yeo talks about going online to read and buy every new fishing tackle in the same way his online critics do with hockey - and it's great that Minnesota did not hire a robot.

(On a side note - can you imagine "Becoming Wild" with Jacques Lemaire? That either would be something mindblowing where Lemaire actually is a robot or we'd be finding out where he gets his gum. Odds are Lemaire would just direct the thing himself before breaking the camera.)

But Yeo's job is not like that of the players he leads. "Becoming Wild" lumps the two together outside of small moments. The 40 year-old is a coach at heart. He can't help but try to coach his son golfing even though he knows someone else can do a better job. There's a moment in the episode where he's sitting down and eating lunch after signing a Flyers hat, saying "I don't know too many hockey players who didn't practice signing their autograph as a kid."

He's right. That's what this episode is - featuring an ex-hockey player who golfs, fishes and does every stereotypical hockey offseason activity.

Otherwise if you want to see Yeo in action, check out the Season 1 episodes which feature him in Houston prior to being hired.

Other Notes:
-There are a couple hockey moments 2/3 of the way through the episode. Yeo's children and their friends practice shooting the puck. A minute or two before that he talks about watching video on the island and trying to identify what to do. That isn't seen.

-Episode 1's "one of us moment" - Yeo has a beer fridge.

-The entire episode is posted on Wild.com and above. For those in Minnesota who want to watch it on television, Mike Yeo's episode will be rebroadcast:

11:30-12 PM Wednesday
12:30-1 AM Sunday
5-5:30 PM 9/26

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