"Becoming Wild" Returns For Third Season

Over the last two years, "Becoming Wild" has let fans take a look into the day-to-day preparation of a Minnesota player and/or executive. Season 1 focused more upon the management side leading up to and past the 2011 NHL Draft while Season 2 spent a day in the life of a Wild player during the off-season. From Canada to Finland and anywhere in between, the lifestyle leading up to an aborted beginning of the season was chronicled.

Good news. "Becoming Wild" is coming back for a third season beginning Monday.

The team-produced series looks to have learned from the last couple years. This season will be spread out rather than just focus on the off-season and air as a promotion for the beginning of the year. Last year's season 2 was cut off because of the Lockout and its ability to promote the upcoming schedule was hurt. Airing it throughout the entire 2013-14 season works unless there is another Dany Heatley incident where someone gets hurt right before their episode airs.

(That one still hurts...although Dany Heatley on a boat lived up to the description "Dany Heatley on a boat.")

Additionally, the first two subjects chronicled - head coach Mike Yeo and goaltender Josh Harding - show that it isn't either about management or players. It's about both One complaint from last year's season was that it was too formulaic with just featuring individual players. Being able to see both sides

The other four subjects haven't been released although my guess is Jason Zucker's offseason is one.

All six episodes air on Fox Sports North. Additionally, clips will be made available over at Wild.com along with the first two seasons.
Episode Air Dates On Fox Sports North: 
September 16 - Mike Yeo (approx. 10:30 p.m.)
October 15 - Josh Harding
November 15 - TBD
January 4 - TBD
February 4 - TBD
March 8 - TBD
One gripe is that premiering the show after postgame coverage - especially the Twins postgame coverage like Episode 1 - wrecks havoc on trying to DVR the episode. That is more minor than anything. There is a reason other teams have embraced the "Cribs" or "24/7" concept as a way to promote its players and team - it works.

I know I'm excited to watch and review these.

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