New Minnesota Wild Uniform News & Rumors

With the Minnesota State Fair underway alongside some gorgeous late August weather, the end game is upon us. Soon we will know what's in the box the new Wild road jersey.

Uniforms have been a hot topic recently. On Wednesday the AHL Iowa Wild unveiled the team's new green away jersey. Thursday saw rankings as ESPN's Uni Watch blog ranked the NHL sweaters and Giles Ferrell of Team of 18,001 offered his rebuttal. Both saw the Wild having top-10 jerseys at tenth and eighth, respectively. Still, their differences show the subjective nature of jersey rankings that will come in handy in a few days. Everything is based on opinion. No one is going to agree on every sweater - there is someone out there who loves the Anaheim Wild Wing jerseys. Seriously. Stand up if it's you.

Not much happened on Friday besides everyone looking forward to the weekend (and the Minnesota HS Elite League releasing its bright sponsorship jerseys), but that did not stop a couple bits of info to leak out. Here is where we are at for news and rumors.

What We Know:
-Minnesota will publicly unveil its new white jersey this Sunday (September 1st, 2013) at 11:30 AM Central Time.

-The team will do so at the Minnesota State Fair's FAN Central Building. The "Great Minnesota Get-Together" runs from August 22-September 2nd in Falcon Heights, MN (between both Minneapolis and St. Paul) and is extremely popular. More than 1.7 million people passed through the Fair's gates in 2012.

-This is the second time the Wild organization debuted its new jersey at the Minnesota State Fair. The last time was in 2009 when several players, including the late Derek Boogaard, showed off the green alternates the team still wears.

-Both Stephane Veilleux and Nino Niederreiter will be there for the unveiling. It's a new look for Niederreiter, the fifth overall pick in 2010 (or four above Mikael Granlund) by the New York Islanders who was acquired June 30 for Cal Clutterbuck and a 3rd round pick

-Also there for the kids..I think? Nordy.

-With a new white jersey, Minnesota will have replaced both of the team's two original sweaters. The Wild began play in 2000.

-The new jersey will be the fifth in team history; the sixth if you include the leaguewide RBK Edge redo in 2007. If that one is included, Minnesota has not gone more than four years without something new.

-Did we mention that the Wild have played 11.5 seasons as a franchise?

-Beginning today (Monday, August 26) at 10 AM CT, the team will be giving away uniform clues on its Twitter (@mnwild) and continue throughout the week.

-This idea to use social media for jersey sneak peeks has been successful over the summer. Teams like Dallas, Carolina and Buffalo have all used it to reward followers and get early hype. San Jose, meanwhile, just relied on Brent Burns. Hey it worked for the Wild the last time.

What Is Rumored:

-Vintage Minnesota Hockey - a great site for all the hockey history buffs out there - says that the new jersey is "1000% not like the Iowa Wild script."

-J22 on HF Boards says the jersey looks like this and is similar to the red home sweaters Minnesota wears.

-The Calgary Flames trade Jarome Iginla to Boston.

-The color white has many shades, however, Shades will not be wearing the Wild's new jersey.

-If you don't want to travel to a Hockey Lodge to get the new jersey, then you're waiting until mid-September.

-Although there is still time, so far the Wild have done a better job not leaking the jersey before the State Fair unveil this time around.

-Meant to post that sneak peak news in this spot over the weekend, but that is okay. "Doing God knows what to God knows which supermodel" is tough weekend work.

We'll possibly have more on this once the first jersey clue gets dropped and the next prospect in the First Round Bust Top 20 Prospects later today. Until then, read Dan's very truthful and very good audit of the Wild prospect pool.

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  1. "there is someone out there who loves the Anaheim Wild Wing jerseys. Seriously. Stand up if it's you."

    *stands up*

  2. Not only should the Wild change their sweaters (why they aren't using the alternate as their main is beyond me) but they should've also been named the Statesmen rather than the Wild.