Orlando unveils 2015 ECHL All-Star Game logo...just in case you don't have plans that day

Seventeen months ago the Minnesota Wild were nearing the end of a long and disappointing season. Injuries and reality took their toll following a fast start where Minnesota led the league on December 1st. Forty-six different players suited up for the team, which finished the year 24th in the NHL.

If March 2012 seems like a lifetime ago, then the above All-Star Classic logo that the Orlando Solar Bears unveiled Monday will literally last one.

Minnesota's ECHL affiliate will host the 2015 ECHL All-Star Game at the Amway Center on Wednesday January 21, 2015 - a full seventeen months from now. Both the league and team finished their homework early and are looking for extra credit by getting this logo out so quick that there is no possible way anyone has plans that day.

"We all know the city of Orlando is a great destination," said ECHL Commissioner Brian McKenna on Monday. "Couple that with a world-class arena and the strong following the Solar Bears have developed and we have a perfect location for our 2015 All-Star Classic. We are pleased to bring our flagship event to Orlando in January 2015."

A lot can change in seventeen months. Shades could be called up to the big leagues. That coffee shop around the corner where all the hipsters hang out might sell out become a Starbucks. So could this blog. You can have a baby and then almost follow it up with a second full pregnancy.

An ECHL team can be formed, announce an affiliation with say Minnesota, play its inaugural season and then be awarded an all-star game way down the line. All in that time.

Still, the logo created by Joe Bosack Graphic Design Co. fits in with the general Orlando branding (and for good reason too - the firm designed the Solar Bears primary and secondary logos) even if that branding could change between now and January 2015. There is time if the Solar Bears wanted. The logo is one of many events that the tourism hotspot will host in conjunction the week leading up to the All-Star Game. Other events include a 50 team youth tournament and ECHL fan fest.

And there may be more because everything so far has been announced in August 2013.

There is no way you have plans that far in advance. So why not watch a game that will feature Orlando players who may or may not be on the team now take on a team of all-stars who may or may not be in the ECHL? You can even forget about those plans and come back later after watching the 2014 ECHL All-Star Game.

Actually you can't. That's how far in advance this logo has been released.
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