Yeah, I don't know.

Setoguchi's departure opens up a scoring line role, and cap space...which will go to Matt Cooke (can't believe I just typed this) for the next three years.

To me, this is a vote of confidence for one of Coyle/Zucker/Granlund/Neiderreiter, and this is also Mike Yeo wanting a certain type of personnel to play on the checking line, the same role he had in Pittsburgh. With Cal Clutterbuck's departure to New York, Cooke immediately fills that void. And since Yeo likes to zone match, Cooke will see quite a bit of his own end.

I'm curious to see a.) if Cooke's deal actually goes the length, since Fletcher has a poor track record of signing bottom-6 grinders to multi-year deals (Darroll Powe and Eric Nystrom say hi!) and then trying to negate them, and b.) how Cooke's presence (34 years old...yikes) blocks a Brett Bulmer type from stepping into the lineup.

As far as Setoguchi goes...there's no doubt he's been on the block for a while. He can be electrifying when he's on, but the occasional brilliance just can't be counted on night in and night out. Truth to be told, a 2nd round pick in next year's Draft (2014) is actually quite the return, however there will be plenty of instances where Seto can have his vengeance.

Man...the hack columnists in town are gonna have a hey day with the Cooke signing...

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