This is your "Prospect voting for a FOX Sports North Girl" news

It's July. While waiting for the NHL schedule to finally be released or enjoying the beautiful weather outside comes the news of Wild prospect Erik Haula voting Kristen to be the next FOX Sports North girl.
According to the FSN Girls website, "The FOX Sports North Girls serve as the connection between Minnesota sports teams and the fans." There are currently three FSNorth Girls with this year's search adding to the stable.

You can look through all the submissions and vote yourself here.

Of course, not everyone is a fan. Kudos to those women in the sports media field who work hard and have been successful without selling themselves as something else.

Haula appears to have been the only Wild prospect to vote. We'll have more on this story when others take their patriotic duty seriously and vote for a.FOX Sports North Girl. Actually no, no we won't. The NHL schedule needs to be released soon.

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  1. The FSN "Girls" are sex objects meant to titillate the male viewers, nothing more.

  2. AGREED!!!
    they are a joke to sports...and if that's what you're trying to create...where are the fox north guys?