NHL Schedule Watch Day 2: Olympic Bungaloo

As Tom Petty famously said, "waiting is the hardest part." He's right. Even when it comes to minutia, it's hard to be patient.

The 2013-14 NHL schedule release continues to tease hockey fans everywhere. Initially rumored to be released yesterday (Wednesday), the lack of an agreement with the NHL sending players to the 2014 Olympics in Sochi continues to postpone it with only some old-school beats to keep things fresh.

From NHL.com and NHL Deputy Commissioner Bill Daly:
"There has been no final agreement on the terms of Olympic participation at this point," Daly told NHL.com. "And unless, or until, there is, the release of the 2013-14 regular-season schedule would be premature. Having said that, we hope that a final resolution on both matters can be achieved in the very near future."

If the sides come together on an Olympic agreement, the NHL would have to suspend the 2013-14 schedule for at least two weeks in February for players to participate in Sochi. NHL players have participated in the past four Olympics, beginning with the Winter Games in Nagano, Japan.
On one hand, it is too bad that the schedule hasn't been able to be released in the past two days. Yesterday was the worst sports day of the year because each of the 4 major sports were off; the one time that's the case. The NHL doesn't have much time to itself without being overshadowed by the other 3. Now it won't as baseball goes back to work and NFL Training Camps are days away from opening. Not finishing a job in mid-July the league believed would have been done by May sadly seems plausible.

After all, that was par for the course with the recent NHL Lockout.

So instead we wait while news like Justin Fontaine and Carson McMillan re-signing tides us over. We wait as schedule rumors and dates trickle in. We wait to find out in July what the realigned conference and division names will be.

And we wait as that has become the mindset when it comes to waiting on something from the league.
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