Iowa Wild Looking For A Mascot

Along with relocating from Houston and trying to rebrand itself as such, the Iowa Wild are looking for a mascot. From its Facebook:
The search is on! We've been collecting ideas at the Iowa Cubs games this weekend for the Iowa Wild mascot. Who will be Cubbie's new friend? We want your input! Submit your ideas by commenting below or emailing

The new AHL mascot will replace Chilly, who along with being a skating canine has one of the best backstories in the world.

There are many options for the Des Moines-based team. Instead of being stuck with an animal name like "Bulldogs," they get to work with the vagueness of a "Wild."

Being in the middle of the Wild organization also allows for movement. The awesomeness that is Orlando's mascot Shades can move up from the ECHL.

C'mon, he's a Solar Bear. How awesome is that? It exemplifies Wild (or whatever the heck "Wild is supposed to mean). That is promotion-worthy.

On the other hand, if Nordy - Minnesota's 6'6" ambiguous mascot who came out of the woods one day in 2008 and looks like a cross between a bear and Mr. McGibblets from The League - needs a little seasoning work, send him down the road 4 hours to Des Moines. He/she/it will fit in as a mascot with a team that shares its name with the NHL team.

No offense to Houston, but there is nothing Aero about this guy.

Or if none of those ideas are feasible since I am unsure how mascot waivers work, the Iowa Wild mascot might be an original idea. It could be a bear, pig, corn, the unique pedestrian bridges over I-235 and whatever else is native to the Hawkeye state.

Hopefully the team's mascot doesn't have an exclamation mark in its name like a certain Fox Sports 1 show. W!ld indeed.

The Iowa Wild begins its inaugural season October 12 at the Wells Fargo Arena against an opponent to be named later. The team will be realigned into the Midwest Division. Check the AHL Wild out at

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  3. I think the Iowa Wild should have a mascot that's not exactly like Minnesota's Nordy, but have the same concept. Believe it or not, I'm amongst the many that actually like Nordy as the Wild's mascot.