2014 NHL Betting Odds: Minnesota and Edmonton both at 20-1

The good folks at Bovada.com have early Stanley Cup odds out for 2014, which can be good or bad depending on how much of a degenerate fan you are gentle reader.

Lest we judge. Sports and gambling go together like peanut butter and jelly. What is March Madness without a pool? Bet well and people can make it rain like what happened in Seattle's Safeco Field yesterday. Bet poorly and it's a long weekend. It's your money, but Minnesota raising the Stanley Cup can be had for 20-1 odds.

The Wild's odds, which are similar to the 22-1 ones given last year after signing both Ryan Suter and Zach Parise, ties them for 9th in the NHL with both Edmonton and the New York Rangers. This summer's action sees Minnesota adding Matt Cooke, Nino Niederreiter and Keith Ballard along with a full season of Jason Pominville. The team, meanwhile, loses free agents Pierre-Marc Bouchard (to New York Islanders) and Matt Cullen (to Nashville) while Cal Clutterbuck (NYI) and Devin Setoguchi (Winnipeg) were traded.

As far as new Central Division foes go, Minnesota - who finished 8th in the Western Conference last season - is third behind defending Stanley Cup champion Chicago (whose 6-1 odds are currently the best) and St. Louis (12-1). The other four teams are on a lower tier with both Colorado and Dallas having the next-best shot at 40-1.

2014 NHL Stanley Cup Odds (s/t Sports Illustrated)
Chicago Blackhawks: 6-1
Pittsburgh Penguins: 13-2
Boston Bruins: 10-1
Los Angeles Kings: 12-1
St. Louis Blues: 12-1
Detroit Red Wings: 16-1
Vancouver Canucks: 16-1
San Jose Sharks: 18-1
Edmonton Oilers: 20-1
Minnesota Wild: 20-1
New York Rangers: 20-1
Anaheim Ducks: 22-1
Montreal Canadiens: 25-1
Toronto Maple Leafs: 25-1
Washington Capitals: 25-1
Philadelphia Flyers: 28-1
New York Islanders: 33-1
Ottawa Senators: 33-1
Carolina Hurricanes: 40-1
Colorado Avalanche: 40-1
Columbus Blue Jackets: 40-1
Dallas Stars: 40-1
New Jersey Devils: 40-1
Nashville Predators: 50-1
Tampa Bay Lightning: 50-1
Winnipeg Jets: 50-1
Phoenix Coyotes: 66-1
Buffalo Sabres: 100-1
Calgary Flames: 100-1
Florida Panthers: 150-1

Now for the usual non-lawyer disclaimers: First Round Bust does not endorse gambling. These odds are for entertainment and informational purposes. They also are poised to get you to bet; hence why Edmonton's rabid fanbase is at 20-1 despite continually missing the playoffs or the Islanders being 33-1 despite finishing 8th in the Eastern Conference last year.

If you do gamble, please be responsible. Like don't lose $30 million.
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