Mike Modano Will Appropriately Have His #9 Retired Against Minnesota

In bittersweet yet fitting news, the Dallas Stars announced that the organization would retire retired forward Mike Modano's #9 on March 8, 2014 against Minnesota. The news came Tuesday evening during a ceremony to unveil the team's new uniform and logo.

The 21 year NHL veteran will be the fourth North Star to have his number retired at American Airlines Center instead of giving #1 at the Xcel Energy Center the company it so desires.

Modano began his NHL career in 1988 as the #1 overall pick by the Minnesota North Stars. Making his debut in the playoffs the following year, the Michigan native became a mainstay in the organization. Modano's early seasons in Bloomington included a Stanley Cup Final appearance in 1991, a 93 point season in 1992-1993 and such notable acting roles as "North Star Mike Modano" alongside Basil McRae in Mighty Ducks.

Following four years at the Met Center, North Stars owner Norm Green uprooted Modano and the rest of the team down to Dallas because only an idiot can completely alienate hockey fans in Minnesota (or something like that...not bitter). Modano thrived early on in Dallas, scoring 50 goals his first season there, and became more like that kid in elementary school who loses touch after moving as the years went on.

There were three Olympic appearances, records for being the highest scoring American and even a Stanley Cup win in 1999. That last one may have hurt (again not bitter).

Like all good stories, however, it comes full circle. After 16 seasons in Dallas, Modano once again wore the letter "N" on the front of his chest in April 2010. The icon was playing his final game of the season in the home of the new Minnesota team.

(Of course real life isn't as neat as a book and Modano played a year for his hometown Detroit Red Wings.)

Still, it is very fitting for Modano to have his number retired and for it to come against Minnesota in Dallas. It came at the price of Dallas trading in their old, North Stars inspired jerseys for a brand new "D" logo.

Dallas Stars/Defending Big D
(No seriously, those aren't Minnesota colors. Current Stars owner Tom Gaglardi makes sure you know that.)

It is almost a University of North Dakota green, though.

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  1. Modano will forever be my all-time favorite hockey player. Not from Canada or Russia, best American hockey player all time. The only thing that could make me like him more is if he was Minnesota born.