First Round Bust has a shiny new 2013 Draft Page

Good news everyone! Over in the upper right corner is a brand new 2013 NHL Draft page.

Wondering who the top draft-eligible players from Minnesota are and their strengths and weaknesses? Who the Wild should take as the next first second round bust? Or even why that last joke is being made. The Draft page is your one stop shop for every First Round Bust #NHLDraft2013 article. Instead of searching the archives for scouting reports on page 3, just click the interstate sign.

Major credit for the design and upkeep goes to First Round Bust's web manager Tommy Martino (@llamapalooza on Twitter). The idea for the provincial theme is all his. It looks amazing if I may so.

Additionally, a couple extra related  links:
-Dan gives his thoughts on players in the Upper Midwest for Future Considerations. Some of it is a preview of things to come here.
-I (Nate) participated in a mock draft over at State of Hockey News. This is most likely not a preview of things to come.

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