Guest Post: Pierre-Marc Bouchard says "it may be fun to test the [free agent] market"

Editor's Note: The following article was written by Félix Lévesque. Félix is a Wild fan from Quebec who has followed the team since before the 2004 Lockout. He is behind many of Minnesota highlights on Youtube. You can follow Félix on Twitter @Fel0096 and read his work over at Hockey Wilderness.

As always, First Round Bust has an open pulpit policy.

Pierre-Marc Bouchard recently was at a golf tournament. He took time to share his thoughts about his future with a TVA Sports reporter.

Bouchard started the interview by saying "let's say the discussions with the Wild have stalled". He added: "I'd say the chances to return are rather nil so we'll see. We never know. Otherwise, July 5th at the latest should be interesting days."

The reporter then asked if it was a special/difficult situation to manage. "It's not hard to manage but that's special for sure. It's been 11 years since I was with the organization. They drafted me and I've always been under contract with them all those years. Living this situation is different, but at the same time, I think it may be fun to test the [free agent] market."

Bouchard, with a big smile, on a possible new team: "I just hope that a team will want my services. That's the only thing we can hope."

Pierre-Marc also talked about his health a bit. "It's sure that I had concussion problems in the past 3-4 years, but this year, it's been very well. I had no symptom [while playing] and I practically played every game and the playoffs. I'm confident that teams are going to pass over their fears of my previous injuries."

On a related note, Bouchard was on a RDS TV show a couple weeks ago. He stated: "with the way it's going on right now, I probably expect to go to a new direction and live a new adventure with another team".

Pierre-Marc essentially is the main reason why I started following the Minnesota Wild and that won't change now that he's pretty much gone. I'm hoping that he'll sign with an Eastern team so I can keep following him from time to time.

Finally, for those who somehow can't remember how skilled the guy is... Farewell to the Wild's 2002 first round pick.

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