I Want Your Salvation

Jason Zucker was recalled, and Matt Cullen has begun to skate with the team again, which is positive news for not just the team itself, but for the organization and a fanbase which has watched Minnesota tee off while the Playoffs began for the last handful of years.

The hope is that these two getting back in the lineup will kick start a sagging Devin Setoguchi (which, as expected, disappeared once Cullen went on the shelf) and giving the 2nd line some offensive punch again, taking the pressure of the Top Line to shoulder the entire scoring responsibility. Zucker's arrival means the also-sagging Pierre-Marc Bouchard will likely get to reap the rewards of the James Sheppard Memorial Popcorn Machine, as he's responded to stable playing time with very little to show for it, as the pressure of Zucker's presence alleviated.

So everything is going to be honky dory right?

If we've learned anything in years past, its that this team will continue to sag even though a vital piece of the lineup returned from injury- and yes, I'm talking about the annual Mikko Koivu injury that would ultimately signal the death rattle of that respective season.

Just because a player returns from injury doesn't mean that the season is saved; this team still has to get back to playing the way they need to play- *insert robot voice* GETTING PUCKS BEHIND THE D AND FORECHECKING HARD. Just because Matt Cullen and Jason Zucker were out doesn't mean that the style of play that had been working, and had Minnesota win eight in a row, has to be abandoned because someone came out of the lineup; conversely, when that player gets back in it doesn't mean that all is well and they'll do all the scoring.

I think its an easy trap to fall into, where the puck stops finding the back of the net and you can point to someone's absence; Zucker, Koivu, Cullen, etc. Not an excuse to stop working, even when it's clear there is a struggle to score.

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