Chay Genoway Traded: A Ripple in The NHL Landscape

Earth Shattering News.
Really, based off the information available, Houston has about 35 defensemen on roster and there were a bunch of healthy scratches every night, so this move is sort of a "good faith" move in effort to put Genoway in position to play.

That being said, it opens up a roster spot for this year and rids Minnesota of another one-way deal for 2013-14; Genoway's extension featured a two-way clause the first year, and a one-way in the last year. Maybe its nothing, but maybe its something; so far Chuck Fletcher has unloaded four contracts this season (but took in Mike Rupp's deal in the huMANEgous Darroll Powe trade), lowering the number of contracts to 48 out of 50; however he also got rid these one-way contracts for 2014- Genoway, Matt Kassian, and Darroll Powe's ill-fated extension, signed shortly after he was acquired from Philadelphia.

Now, the salary cap will lower down to 64.3 Million for '13-14; so trimming the fat cap now isn't a bad thing- but it also opens up the roster for an influx of prospects (i.e. CHEAP YOUNG PLAYERS) whether it be their draft picks or a few NCAA/CHL free agents. The Brass wasn't too active in that market the last few years because of a bit of a roster crunch, but the dumping of those one-way deals create flexibility.

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