The Dreaded "Player's Only Meeting"

I missed the game last night (closed circuit to Nate/Tim/Jarick- one of you guys are on Game Hangover detail) but saw on Russo's blog that yes, only nine games in, there was a player's only meeting called after the 2-1 loss to the Yotes.

That's right, just nine games in. At least it wasn't 65 games in like the last few years, when clearly the season was lost. Still though; nine games was all it took for the players to stop and assess what sort of dysfunction that is taking place on a nightly basis.

The panic button has been hit.


Nothing like some good team building on a road trip, eh?

But what is there to be said? Not only does this team not score, they don't even shoot- the Top Line accounts for roughly 30% of the total team shots, and just four players have more than 20 shots. Did I see this right that it took 12 minutes before they registered a shot in one of the periods last night? 

12 minutes? I mean seriously...

We've reached the proverbial fork in road already folks- either this serves as a jumping off point, or that Minnesota continues its lackluster and uninspiring play and misses the playoffs again.


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