Quick Primer on Darcy Kuemper

I heard the news today, oh boy...

So with Josh Harding out indefinitely while trying to get a semblance of balance in terms of deal with his MS and the corresponding medical treatments, Minnesota called up Darcy Kuemper.

Via Friend of FRB Justin Goldman

Essentially Kuemper's been a monster for Houston, especially in the last two months. Overall he is 10-6 with a 1.79 Goals Against and a ridiculous (BUT IS IT SUSTAINABLE?!?!) .938 Save Percentage.

What else should we know about Kuemper? Well, let's consult the Wild Prospect Handbook V2.0 (still available for FREE DOWNLOAD!!!) Justin Goldman of The Goalie Guild broke down some of the Wild Prospect Goalies, and this is what he had to say about Kuemper:

"Kuemper brings terrific size combined with an athletic mindset that doesn’t force him to make too many blocking saves. He gets to the top of his crease when squaring up to shots, and has a positive presence both on and off the ice. He also has good patience on his skates, and he stays very upright in the butterfly, so he builds a very solid wall."

Much like Matt Hackett's debut last year against San Jose, Kuemps is thrown right into the fire against another highly potent (and well-rested) team- Vancouver. What he lacks in experience, he'll have in mentorship- one of the reasons Harding was re-signed for three years was to provide the same support he does to Niklas Backstrom to the younger guys like Hackett, Kuemper, and Johan Gustafsson eventually.

Best of luck to Darcy tonight, and a speedy return to normalcy to Josh Harding.

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