Game Ten: The Hangover

Game Ten Recap


- Might as well just give Charlie Coyle his #3. Maybe not so much that he's legitimate (although he looks really freaking good at this level), but because I think there's this mindset already instilled on this team and maybe some youth is needed to break that.
- Who else is this close to just saying "dump the hangers-on and bring up Zucker and Larsson?" Setoguchi, Cullen, whoever isn't contributing. Look, its going to happen at some point, and this team needs a spark desperately. Give this team a spark, because apparently players-only meetings and "messages sent through line shuffling and healthy scratches" aren't doing it.
- Which brings me to this; why does this team lack a pulse year after year? We saw this same sort of apathetic effort all the way back to Jacques Lemaire's last year as Coach, all the way through the short-lived Todd Richards era, and up to now. There's no resiliency, and most importantly, NO URGENCY. 
- By my count only three players have been on the team since that point (the last playoff appearance)- Mikko Koivu, Niklas Backstrom, Pierre-Marc Bouchard.
- In no way am I pointing a finger, but this sort of thing is happening under Mikko Koivu's tenure as Captain. Aren't leaders supposed to do something to turn the ship around? Why, if the team has essentially been turned over twice since that starting point, is this team continuing to just flail about?
- And the focus on getting "character players" is a moot point when you see the same nutless effort in what was billed as "a playoff game."
- One has to wonder if the team believed their own hype after the Summer and is crumbling under the pressure.
- Tired of the excuses- short training camp, new roster players, etc. This team is sucking hind tit, plain and simple.
- Here's a damning statistic- Minnesota only starts to take more than half of the shot attempts AFTER they go down a goal. One could presume that its because the opposition goes into "prevent defense" maybe?
- If I am Zach Parise (96 million!) I stand up in front of my teammates in the locker room and challenge them to out work me. To win every foot race, get every puck, shoot every time I can. He should be the gold standard for work ethic on this team.
- When a 19 year old and a 20 year old are your best players, that is an indictment and a half. That's why I say you cut dead weight and bring up more youngin's.
- Going to the net and scoring dirty goals is a good concept, but shooting into a crowd of people is not the same as shooting at a screen goalie.
- Finally...I wonder if Scandella was rushed back from his injury? I know its the same timeline as Brodin, but Brodin didn't have a groin injury. Either way, he hasn't been good.

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  1. Agree 100% on the kids. There's enough dead wood crap on the roster, I'm bored with Cullen, Setoguchi, and lately Heatley and Brodziak and etc etc.

    There seems to be a level of comfort and complacency. Guys' roster spots are a little too secure. Charlie Coyle can't have a bad game. He will go to the minors. Some of the vets need to feel that pressure.

    Mikko - he played his best two games of the year the last two games IMO. He's leading by example…dunno about the locker room.

    Also agree 100% on the "dirty goals" bit. I am so sick of that. We've been hearing it for years. It's bogus. Sure, occasionally you'll get a goofy tip or deflection, but usually it just bounces off someone and to the side. And then you spend more time trying to get someone in position instead of just shooting.

    I think there are just very few players who can #1 carry a puck without losing it and #2 pick a corner, or at least have the confidence to do so. Usually I'm seeing guys waiting until someone is in perfect "tap in" position or try and deke their way to the goal (a la Havlat, who is about the only person I've ever seen in a Wild uniform to do that consistently), or just skate around the net and try and bang it home from six inches out. Just take a friggin shot from 20 feet out once in a while.

    Like Heatley when he tried to toe drag to the net. Did he not realize he was DANY HEATLEY? He has one of the hardest rising shots in the NHL and had time and space to take it. Who cares if the goalie makes the save? MAKE THE GOALIE MAKE THE SAVE.

    I don't know why they don't just send Scandella down and bring up Zucker or Larsson.