Game Fifteen and Sixteen: The Hangovers

Game Fifteen Recap

I'll keep it simple; yes, they got a point, but when you score more than two goals for the first time in six games, and then cough up the lead 40 seconds later...that's a son of a bitch.

So, did they learn anything?
Game Sixteen Recap


- Amazing how the Red Wings bandwagon pulls up front when Detroit plays. 
- No Suspension for Devin Setoguchi for this boner of a play.

I said to my dad, whom I went to the game with, that Setoguchi could probably expect to get a phone call from Brendan Shanahan after seeing the replay. That makes two double minors his teammates have had to kill off because Seto's having issues controlling his stick, or in this case, his crosscheck.
- Have to feel good for Jason Zucker on this beauty. I mentioned this on Twitter, but the fact that he leads the AHL in shots (something like 160 in 39 games) should be reason enough to keep him up with the big club. Cut dead weight if you have to in order to make room for him.
Not to mention that his speed and fearless nature is exactly what this team needs just to make the forecheck even something to remotely consider when game planning.
- Johan Larsson didn't quite have the splash that Zucker did, but being on the ice to protect the lead with a few minutes left certainly says something about Mike Yeo's faith in him.
- I would be remiss to give Darcy Kuemper props as well; thinking he's gonna be rocking the baseball hat only to find out that he's starting with five minutes left as Niklas Backstrom left the ice with the Trots. Gets his first start in Vancouver, then his second against Detroit. It gets easier after this, right?
- Its encouraging that this team didn't just go into the prevent defense in the third, especially knowing that Detroit was going to come at them hard in the final stanza.
- Finally, the first and third goals are emblematic of what hasn't gone Minnesota's way; just simple puck luck. Both could have easily hit a skate, stick, person, etc. but found a way into the net.

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