Game Eleven: The Hangover

Are we witnessing the Devin Setoguchi Redemption Tour?

So we know now that Setoguchi's back is against the wall; he's clearly on the trading block, he's been moved up and down the line chart, and he's about this close to being a healthy scratch. He's been counted on to provide scoring, and he hasn't done that- and even though he's sporting a healthier physical game than in year's past, defensively he's consistently out there hemmed in his own zone. So as you can tell by the four-letter celebration he had after scoring the game winner in Overtime, he must feel like there's been some weight lifted off of his shoulders. Will that translate into more free-flowing production though?


- Here's the issue with Setoguchi though; he can't create his own shot. Even though he's had five or six grade A scoring chances the last two games, it was because he was able to fire off someone else's feed. I wonder if he'll be able to proactively use his speed and newfound physical element to start to make things happen by himself, but as of now it looks like he's got to be stapled to a playmaker because he can create space for himself to shoot.
- That said, Seto had seven shot attempts- which is good for third on the night. A good sign for sure that the Second line at least had a pulse.
- I know I harped earlier about breaking up Koivu and Parise, but what about putting Setoguchi up with those two? I'm not saying that he deserves it (although he's been pretty good the last three games) but I like the notion of putting him with two guys that work their asses off.
- That would mean you have Dany Heatley with Charlie Coyle and Mikael Granlund; plenty of size to offset Granlund. Also, if you take a look at Granlund's face off numbers (4/11, 36%) its become evident he should move to wing. Coyle, even though he's being groomed at wing, has some position flexibility, or at the very least take the draws.
- Minnesota has a winning record when Nate Prosser is in the lineup. Just saying.
- That said, send Marco Scandella back to Houston once Jared Spurgeon returns. Besides, Scandella always seems to respond to those demotions- he was positively brilliant after his last "wake up call" last year.
- Or you look at possibly dealing him- do you honestly put him in the lineup over a Clayton Stoner, or a Justin Falk, or even Prosser? Hell, I'd argue Spurgeon would have to fight just to get some playing time when he's finally healthy.
- 60 shot attempts, and 16 were blocked.  They outshot Nashville by a healthy margin at even strength, but that doesn't say much, considering The Preds are just about Minnesota on the attempted shot totem pole.
-'s nice to see a win, but this team needs to do it on the road. Plain and simple.


  1. Do you think there'd be a lot of interest in Scandella? Who would likely be interested and what could we expect in return?

    1. I do. He is certainly capable of playing in a top four role, its just that he hasn't been able to gain the consistency needed yet, whether its due to sagging play or injury.

      As far as a return...I don't know.

  2. This Flames game in Calgary is incredibly important. If they lose it, all the good psychological work of Saturday night is undone, the road drought continues, they lose in Vancouver on Tuesday and it will feel like the downward spiral is continuing.

    Win against the Flames in Calgary, and they build on Saturday and start to get some confidence. . . and even losing to the Canucks in Vancouver the next night will just feel like regular vicissitudes of being on the road on the back-end of a back-to-back against a good team in their barn.

    So, I sure hope they beat the Flames tomorrow night. . .

  3. At least Seto isn't afraid to shoot the puck, he looked good on the power play last game. ....even if the rest of the team has to do all the work for him

    I feel Scandella would be a hot commodity on the market, he's young and skilled, just hasn't put all the pieces together yet

    1. I agree with this- 7 shot attempts a game should be the bare minimum for Setoguchi moving foward.