2 Pennies on Today's Trade

Russo's latest entry on his blog basically stole my thunder- increased physical presence on a regular shift, Kassian's time here is now limited, Palmieri shouldn't be a surprise, etc.

- Minnesota finally got rid of Powe; after trading a 3rd rounder for him and immediately signing him to a three year extension, the team basically soured on him around the halfway point last year. Russo made insinuations that they'd love to get rid of his deal to free up space, and huzzah...there you have it. No offense to Powe, he is just one of those interchangeable parts you find in bottom-6/grinder roles. Best of luck to him though.
- Not only does moving Palmieri open up a contract, it also removes a potential headache and locker room poison in Houston. Don't quite get what his problem was this year (purely conjecture but I imagine its the feeling of entitlement about having a roster spot with the big club) but things went south in a hurry. At least we got...two picks out of the Marek Zidlicky trade.
- I get the immediate help in the physical size department, but we're talking a fourth line guy here. Mike Rupp won't help this team move the puck out of their own end, or cut down on the times they get hemmed in. Or generate shots. Or score goals. You know, the things that Minnesota isn't doing currently.
- We're likely at the end of the Matt Kassian era too, but I wonder what the next domino to fall is once Jared Spurgeon is healthy.
- The extra contract spot is got some value, whether it be another roster player picked up along the way, or used to sign some draft picks like Daniel Gunnarson, Raphael Bussieres, or Tyler Graovac. I'm inclined to think the latter.


  1. I like Cole's theory of Scandella to the minors, although I could see them trying to move Prosser.

  2. My first reaction was that we got hosed (as much as you can be "hosed" in a trade of 4th liners). Thinking about things more, while I still think we should have gotten something extra out of the Rangers for this (their 6th since we have their 7th already?) this move works.

    The way I see it, Powe is a defensive player who would rather sit in his defensive end and block a shot than push the play down the ice. Yes, he's +9% on offensive zone start-finish differential, but he just doesn't seem to have that mentality to push the play into the other team's end. It seems to me that Rupp is more of a player who wants to move the puck to the other team's end of the ice.

    All told, the open contract spot might be the most valuable piece in this trade.

  3. If you're not going to play Kassian on the road against a big, physical team like the Ducks. . .then just when are you going to play him? And how much does a physical player change the dynamic of a game in the pressbox?

    It seems to me that Chuck Fletcher asked those questions too, and the rest follows.