Sunday Bathroom Reading

Some news and musings before the Blues tilt tonight.
Scandella Recalled; Dumba Red Deer Bound: The Wild recalled Marco Scandella from Houston- he played Friday night, but was scratched last night likely because of the impending recall. Minnesota sure does have a thing about recalling players who play just one game after returning from significant injury- Jonas Brodin played just once before he joined the Team, now Scandella? Until the groin issue, he was going to be a lock for the roster anyways so its not a surprise, but Jared Spurgeon's injury must be a bit more serious if two guys have now been recalled, and now it creates one hell of a logjam on the blueline with now eight guys on roster.
I also question the possibility of Nate Prosser being scratched since he and Justin Falk have essentially been their best pairing; good things happen when they're on the ice shot-wise and where they finish their shifts.
I anticipate Scandella to be reunited with Tom Gilbert, since those two were just stellar toward the end of last season. So that leaves Jonas Brodin, Ryan Suter, Clayton Stoner, Justin Falk, and Nate Prosser for four spots. Suter-Falk? Stoner-Brodin? Suter-Stoner? Prosser-Brodin? I don't know- but clearly they want Brodin on the squad, since he was quick to join the club and play once he was healthy.

As for Matt Dumba, whatever effect his time with Minnesota has had on his game will show once he resumes play in the WHL. I talked earlier about his time with The Wild being a developmental, hands-on, behind-the-curtain education, and that the goal wasn't to get him in the lineup, but expedite the learning curve ( Dumba seems to think so too.). So we'll watch closely to see what sort of jump we see (or don't see) when he hits the ice again. Also, I think its likely we see him in Houston at the end of the season on an Amateur Tryout Agreement (barring a Memorial Cup run), like Brett Bulmer did the last few years.

Where there's Smoke...: Interesting tidbit from Mike Russo, as he mentioned Pittsburgh possibly needing a winger, and that Devin Setoguchi would fit the bill. We all know by now that Russo doesn't just throw crap against the wall to see if it sticks, so there may be something here. He does have a point about it opening up a spot for a Zucker, Coyle, or Larsson; I also think that The Brass might deem him expendable because of his occasional brilliance, and I wonder if he was included in Chuck Fletcher's trade offer to The Pens for Jordan Staal at the NHL Entry Draft, and my best guesstimation would be yes.

Also, for what its worth- for a team with eight D on their roster that could put them in the cat bird seat- there are other NHL teams looking for a blueliner.

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  1. According to Russo, in his opinion Yeo does not share your opinion of Prosser this year --"Yeo said he feels Justin Falk has played some good hockey and he hasn't been happy with Prosser's past two games."