This post is for the ladies....

In a male-dominated sports world, sometimes it is easy to overlook the female perspective. Where news about Alabama QB A.J. McCarron's girlfriend Katherine Webb gaining 90,000 Twitter followers during the BCS National Championship game spread like wildfire, there's not much in the other direction. We are guys and our brain and biases are wired that way.

So this post is for the ladies.

Cosmopolitan recently covered more on the NHL than ESPN the subject of which NHL players are the hottest. It was a heavy-hitting subject that certainly needing diving into. Anyways, new Minnesota Wild defenseman Ryan Suter made the cut over fellow $98 million contract superstar Zach Parise, with Cosmo summing him up the only way they could:
Ryan signed with the Wild this year. Lucky, lucky Minnesotans.
Lucky indeed. So there you have it, Ryan Suter is hot and men everywhere learned thanks to Cosmo that  being a hometown person does not add anything. Other NHLers in the slideshow include former Wild defenseman Brent Burns ("he does good too"), former Gopher Phil Kessel, Mike Fisher and Scott Hartnell.

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