Prospect Viewing: Adam Gilmour

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Adam Gilmour, Center
6'3" 193 Pounds 1/29/1994 Hanover, MA
Muskegon Lumberjacks (USHL)

I made it a point to head to Waterloo this last Saturday because The Muskegon Lumberjacks were in town to play the Blackhawks; and considering The Jacks don't come this way (or near this way) all too often (they play in The Eastern Conference of the USHL) and there were a couple Draft-Eligibles I wanted to see play live.

And the cherry on top was getting to watch Minnesota's 2012 4th Round pick play too.

Taken out of Nobles and Greenough Prep in Dedham, Massachusetts last year, Gilmour had plenty of fans, most notably my fellow Future Considerations colleague and Hockey Wilderness prospect guru Daniel Chan. Its not just him though- I got a call from another scout who saw my Gilmour tweet, and then gushed about his game and how he's improved over the season. So sufficed to say, the concensus is that Minnesota got a good one. He did establish a relationship with Wild Pro Scout Chris Hamel, and as it turns out, also played with Charlie Coyle for a year at Thayer Academy. He's currently spending his senior season playing for Muskegon, before he heads to Chestnut Hill to play for the legendary Jerry York and Boston College.

Talent Analysis: Possesses very good mobility for a player of his size. Still looks like he hasn't maxed out physically; still lean looking on the ice. Very dependable player, responsible in all three zones. Comes back strong on the forecheck and supports his teammates. Strong communication skills on the ice. Uses his long reach for puck protection and defense. Could stand to work on the physical element of his game, as he doesn't always use his size to his full advantage. Looks like he would top out as a bottom-6 grinder, then will surprise with his puck skills and offensive acumen. Very poised and patient with the puck on his stick; has the ability to wait out a defender until his desired distribution is available. Good vision. Competitive player as he'll fight for positioning and pucks in battles. Great on-ice work ethic, never cheats on a shift. Flashes quickness and agility to give himself time, space, or a shooting opportunity. Currently leads the team in scoring (28 points in 37 games), and is second in goals (12). Plays on his off-wing on the power play. 

Gilmour, in a lot of ways, reminds me of Mario Lucia. I mentioned this to Nate when we chatted briefly about it, but both still look like they aren't men yet, and that spending their post-draft year playing at a higher level and then heading to the NCAA will do them wonders. Considering the cache of prospects that just turned pro, guys like Lucia and Gilmour (and even Seeler, Draeger, and Nanne) all fit the longer term developmental projects, but that the first two will be given the time and opportunity to grow their entire game. 
For Gilmour, its turning his deceptively good puck skills into consistent offensive production- which could mean that he isn't just your third line center, but could be your second line pivot down the road.

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