Game Six: The Hangover

Look, I get that Minnesota beat Columbus last night, ending a three game skid- nevermind the thrilling fashion in how it happened, but should we be happy, much less impressed, with it? If anything, this game should cause more concern amongst the observers of the team despite what looks like a game with some bright spots.
Minnesota vs. Columbus Recap 1/29


- After controlling play for roughly half of the game, Minnesota basically unraveled after the long, disasterous sequence where Mark Letestu (inevitably) scored. PMB, Setoguchi, and Mitchell (who came on for a gassed Granlund) were hemmed in their zone again. Time to break up that line.
- Also may be time to call it quits on the "Mikael Granlund, Second Line Center" experiment. He's getting flat out bullied by the opposition- not just tossed to the ice, but forced to stay down- and because he doesn't have any sort of equity with the officials yet, there's no obstruction call. He's struggling with the bigger forwards, and even though you want him to have the puck, I don't think he's fully adjusted to the nuances of the position at the NHL level. (Even though I said he was a few games ago. Goes to show what I know.) Try him at wing.
- I would say that Nate Prosser and Jared Spurgeon are in trouble, considering how well the defense played last night. Jonas Brodin's presence did something for Ryan Suter, as last night was his best game. Justin Falk is playing the best he ever has (what a cross-rink pass on the PMB goal), and Tom Gilbert...dude is coming alive.
- Speaking of Brodin, I used his ability to snuff out RJ Umberger's 1 on 1 attempt as an illustration of just how special this kid is to my gal. Should have seen the look she gave me when I lost my sh*t after Brodin made that play.
- What the eff is going on in the 3rd Period? Penalties, the inability to not just move the puck but also generate some sort of forecheck and offensive presence...this polar shift from driving play (and failing to capitalize on it, although give Steve Mason credit where its due) to playing back on your heels (and the subsequent suspense of waiting until the game tying/go ahead goal is given up) and just flailing to the finish. Its not just this year, its something we've seen for the last few years- it's a trend, and I don't know where it starts or ends.
- Not sold on our goaltending.
- Maybe time to give Torrey Mitchell a look on the 3rd line maybe?
- What, exactly, does Matt Cullen have left in the tank?
- Finally...Columbus is a team we SHOULD beat. Win a road game, in a hostile building, and do it with aplomb. Until then, this team is pretty sketchy even though they look good on paper.

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