Is Minnesota Looking For A New Road Sweater?

Yesterday, top NHL uniform blog Icethetics published an article on the possibility that the Minnesota Wild are planning on unveiling new road uniforms for the 2013-2014 season. Normally teams announce their intentions for wearing new jerseys months in advance (although Minnesota unveiled their 3rd jerseys at the State Fair during the final week in August), but that's hard to do with the Lockout intact.

Here's what Icethetics had to say. It's nothing new around these parts and in fact, I wouldn't be surprised if they were made by the same posters at HF because a few STH there have also been approached.
The reader provided descriptions but got the information secondhand so the details are somewhat sketchy. I'm relaying them here but take them for what they're worth.

One was a white sweater with the large, Wild head crest on the front, vertical stripes are gone. Replaced with 2 horizontal green stripes on the arms. He said the "red was gone" from the shoulder yoke, but didn't specify whether the shoulders had any color left.

The other option was basically a reverse of the current alternates. Antique white base with the Minnesota Wild Script and green accents.
The latter option is essentially what the Houston Aeros wear with "Aeros" across the chest instead of "Wild." You can see the jerseys in action below, as Mikael Granlund scores the first goal in last night's 4-3 OT win.

Minnesota's white road jerseys are the only original sweaters from the inaugural 2000-2001 season, although they were originally the home jerseys before the NHL switched to a color home. They all-out embrace the "extreme 90s" look of the time with asymmetrical numbers. That look, however, also produced some of the worst jerseys of all-time and is now a rarity.

Regardless of whether or not the team decides to change their road jerseys, I hope that its replacement fits in with the rest of the Wild's jerseys. Not many teams have three separate jerseys from three distinct eras and even fewer have their three cover a short period of 15 years.

Final note: The uniforms in the lead photos were made by First Round Bust's web manager Tommy (@llamapalooza). They do not represent what the potential new jerseys/rebrand will look like and are made independently of the Minnesota Wild. But they are cool looking.

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  1. I love the new look! I hope they really change them to the above pic!!!!!

  2. Alternates please!
    Green and Gold.

  3. Old North Star colors!! Awesome!!

  4. I love these jerseys. My favorite is the Alt. Bringing back the old North Stars colors!!!

  5. I just hope they get rid of the "Minnesota Wild" shoulder patches they added a few years ago to replace the original gold "Wild" shoulder patches. The newer ones look like ads for Mountain Dew. They are plain and awful. At least the original patches were a little more edgier.

  6. Nate, how many sites are you writing for? Love your work, hopefully you're still doing Gopher Hockey stuff somewhere too.