RIP Zach Parise's "Phil Kessel Moment"

I've tried to make an effort to not get wrapped up in the ongoing CBA negotiation talks. Sure, I know think hope like to lie to myself that plenty of people are wondering what we think about a few things like Ryan Suter's comments on Craig Leipold and subsequent backtracking (don't backtrack) or the recent Donald Fehr interview or even the CHLPA fiasco (so many issues with that one), but the truth is that the longer this Lockout goes on, the harder it is to really want to write about the NHL. Apathy is setting in.
I'd almost rather wait until there's an agreement to analyze and both sides make a big deal out of how amazing the fans are by coming back than the latest counterproposal.

(And rest assured, if there is one thing to expect it will be empty words over how the NHL has the "greatest fans in world.")

Mostly the reason is for my sanity - there are better ways to spend my days than getting caught up in the ups and downs the owners and NHLPA have in the public - and honestly when they get things done, I'll be back.  They can get away with those empty words for that reason although I'd love to see actions in addition to words.

But not writing about the Lockout (and spending time writing about college hockey and going to Elite League games and even growing a gnarly beard) also means there haven't been much on the Wild front to reminisce and think about. I haven't thought about what has been missed because of the labor dispute for the most part. Prospects are still playing throughout the world and the NHL team is doing the same. A few players are in Europe, Devin Setoguchi is in California, a bunch are in Houston while the rest are working out on their own.

There is, however, one thing I can't shake and it would be going on right now. November 11th - besides being Veterans Day and honoring our troops - is supposed to be one of the moments every Wild (and most New Jersey Devil) fans looks forward to as Zach Parise makes his return to the Garden State after taking his talents to the Land of 10,000 Lakes. It was supposed to be Parise's time to pull a Phil Kessel...

...or at least get booed heavily. One way or another, it's one tiny thing that I'll miss whenever the league and I come back together.

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