Mikael Granlund & Jonas Brodin End Up Injured Friday Night

I'm not a doctor but my prescription after watching these is anything that will drown your sorrows.

Both 2010 first round pick Mikael Granlund and 2011 first round pick Jonas Brodin - First Round Bust's #1 and #2 Minnesota Wild prospects, respectively - left Friday's Houston Aeros-Oklahoma City Barons game with injuries. Granlund was helped off with what appears to be a knee injury while Brodin was hit in the head by 2010 #1 overall pick Taylor Hall during the 4-3 loss.

(At least that's what it looks like. Hall thought he hit Brodin shoulder to shoulder yet felt bad afterward.)

Throw in the Winter Classic being canceled and this might be the yang to July 4th's yin. Or yin to yang - I don't know how that works. What I do know is that we'll keep you updated with how this go...and while this shouldn't be the biggest surprise given Minnesota's injury troubles (and Edmonton thinking their young guns are a target in the AHL), no one wanted to see Granlund and Brodin injured.

Videos courtesy of Felix Levasque (@fel0096)


  1. could we please sign Kassian to an AHL conract to protect these guys?!?

    1. The Aeros just recalled 6'5" 215 pounder Corbin Baldwin from Orlando today so...do the math.

  2. Hall had recently talked about how he feels that the AHL is not controlling players, in response to Mikael Granlund spearing Ryan Nugent Hopkins in the mouth in an earlier game.

  3. Russo is reporting that it is a muscle pull in Granlunds leg and Brodin has a busted collar bone. At least not a concussion, but is disconcerting that are shiny new Euro kids are in the body and fender shop.