This Is Your "Where We Shamelessly Promote Ourselves" Post

We don't have anything to do with Atmosphere but will shamelessly promote him too

Sometimes it's hard to find a balance between talking about things you've done and sounding like a pitchman who is so in love with himself and his slowly growing synergy empire. I know I'm proud of my work and things I've lent a hand in and want people to read/listen/see it. Twitter and other social media are great for that but at the same time not everyone who reads First Round Bust is on there.

So to try to toe the fine line between telling and bragging, we're putting all the extracurricular college, draft and podcast stuff in one post. If you want to see a lot of the things we've done off of First Round Bust the last week or so look after the jump and then comment on how much it sucks (because that's how the internet works). If not, that's okay too. You were warned.

Nate Does Podcasts (or that's what he sounds like?):
-Discussing how the Lockout impacts the Wild, explaining the role of college hockey in this state and ranking Minnesota's jerseys with Los Angeles Kings podcast "All the Kings Men."

(It's also above Jeff Marek so I got that going for me.)

-Discussing the changing college hockey landscape, my favorite Mariucci Arena student section cheer and the college hockey v. CHL development debate with our friends over at Hitting the Post on "The Dump In."

Dan Writes About US Draft Prospects:
-We all know Dan is a great prospect and hockey mind who is always at a rink and fortunately for the rest of the world, he gets a chance to show it off with scouting site Future Considerations. Last week he wrote about the NAHL Showcase up in Blaine and a pair of Minnesota high school prospects in Edina's Connor Hurley and Minnetonka's Tommy Vannelli.

Bozak tries to come up with a compromise over at his site.

Nate Writes About College Hockey:
If you are new or didn't know, I cover the Gophers for SB Nation Minnesota where I'll recap every game and once in a while give my thoughts on the state of the team. I also write about the team and the WCHA for College Hockey News, such as 3 Things I Think about the first week of the season.

Everyone on Twitter:
First Round Bust - @FRBHockey
Tommy - @llamapalooza
Jarick - @JarickL
Bozak - @bozak911
Dan - @shraderD
Nate - @gopherstate

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