Happy Blogoversary! First Round Bust Turns 2

Today is for intents and purposes the second anniversary of First Round Bust. While Dan had the idea to do this earlier, our original introduction was posted back in the simpler times of October 29, 2010 when NHL hockey was played. Since then, we've had over 700 different posts from a variety of authors.

I'm not usually a sucker for anniversaries or blowing smoke about accomplishments but with the present climate, it is is a good time to reflect. This has been fun. Here on the blog we've profiled prospects, entertained with Bingo and gotten serious with unique analysis on the Minnesota Wild. First Round Bust has (at least in my opinion) done a good job finding a mix of seriousness and humor that works well together. A lot of credit for that goes to the different authors; each of whom has their own specialties and areas of interests.

However, it hasn't all been rosy. Just in the past year there have been some immense highs, some rock-bottom lows and a lot of false hopes. The fast start turned into a historic collapse and another first round draft pick left the organization.

And that doesn't include the fact we're still waiting to cover a Wild playoff game.

That isn't the point. It's easy to cover success and jump on the bandwagon but win, lose or shootout lose, everyone here has a passion for the team. Although we want to see success in the State of Hockey, if we didn't have a passion for the game and Minnesota, there would be no reason to write about them. This isn't a fancy news outlet and the site doesn't make money off of advertisement. It's just a cast of thousands (or really ten) keeping close to the principles outlined in that first post two years ago:
Welcome to First Round Bust, a blog about the Minnesota Wild and hockey in general. The name itself comes from the franchise's poor ability to draft and an honest take of ourselves. There's much more to come and plenty of fun all around so hopefully this takes off.
I'd like to thank Dan (who I think is the best untapped hockey mind in this market, Tommy (the webmaster/man who makes the site look ever so pretty along with being an author in his own right), Jarick, Tim (both of whom bring a fresh perspective into everything they write), the bevy of guest writers and anyone who has helped along the way.

Most of all, I'd just like to thank you, the readers, for continuing to come here day in and day out and more than doubling last year's numbers. Even when there are times when it is tough to come up with content, I feel like I owe it you to unearth something. You make it worthwhile and for that, here's to another year of First Round Bust.


  1. Love your stuff, please keep it up. It's nice to read about the wild even tho I can't watch them