HOLD THE PHONE...Nick Palmieri is doing what?!?

In a post yesterday by the inimitable Mike Russo on his Russo's Rants Star Tribune blog, he covered some ground on the impending Lockout, that Wild prospects will go to Houston, and some other stuff too.
But there was a nugget buried in the tea leaves, one that could have soul crushing implications for Wild fans everywhere.

 I hope you're sitting down for this. Nick Palmieri, acquired in the Marek Zidlicky trade, has turned down his qualifying offer (thus far) and is....wait for it....holding out. Kinda, but basically yes.

Palmieri played nine games with Minnesota after the trade, and was then buried in Houston where he had three goals and six points in 13 games. Probably not enough to warrant etching his name in stone for a roster spot, especially with the influx of youth and the free agent signings of Zenon Konopka and Ryan Suter's bestie Jake Dowell. And with the spectre of a work stoppage increasingly evident, it makes sense for Palmieri to find work in Europe- after all, its a good way to earn a steady wage ("will forecheck for rubles") and continue to develop his game, which may not have occured here. He is waiver eligible, so his situation isn't too dissimilar than that of Cody Almond, who basically did the same thing- signed a deal in Europe even though he may have had some suitors if he could be had for free.

The Wild will still retain Nick Palmieri's rights. For what its worth.

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  1. This is just the right thing for Nick to do right now... Think of it this way. If the NHL locks out for 50% of the season, and Nick were able to be on the roster still for that amount of time.. It would probably be equal or much less to that of a deal in Sweden, Switzerland or something like that. Its a smart move for him. Plus, who wouldn't want to be around european women for a year in a beautiful country..