"Becoming Wild" Returning For A Second Season

One of my favorite things the Wild have done over the past seasons was last year's six-part miniseries "Becoming Wild." Airing on Fox Sports North and Wild.com, "Becoming Wild" gave fans a look at what the team did in the off-season. From the Aeros' run to the Calder Cup to hiring Mike Yeo as the third head coach in Minnesota history to trading defenseman Brent Burns and prospect development camp, the series was a great way to get fans excited for next year and getting to know some of the new players.

And it's coming back.

Season Two of "Becoming Wild" will start airing in September on Fox Sports North while short web vignettes come out now every Tuesday at 3 p.m.CT. The first, a three minute preview narrated by Anthony LaPanta, just came out and is below.

Hopefully this means that they won't air after Twins games - a problem that wrecked havoc with those DVRing the episodes - but with this summer's moves it's safe to say fans will have a lot to look forward. Add in taking fans out of the State of Hockey to go to player's hometowns, another small issue from last season that has been fixed, and I'm excited to see how high the ante has been raised.

We'll have reviews of "Becoming Wild" once they start airing on Fox Sports North Thursday September 6th. For now, there is more information on the "Becoming Wild" homepage at Wild.com.


  1. I suppose this means LaPanta will narrate each episode as well.

    It'll be interesting to see how they wrap up this season if we have a lock out.

  2. God. Becoming Wild is amazing and they ruined it by having stupid LaP narrate it.

  3. Right on!

    I think it is a good call to air them all later in the summer leading into regular season, rather than have them spread out more (and the Twins messing up the DVR'ing)

  4. Geo-
    It definitely feels like the best of both worlds where those who want to watch it early can get a jump on it while the FSN episodes lead up to the beginning of the season.

    I liked the guy who narrated "Becoming Wild" last year. Plus this likely means LaPanta's hiring doesn't get covered.