Guillaume Latendresse Biked 1000KM Last Weekend

Something that I haven't seen anyone talk or write about is Guillaume Latendresse biking 1000 km throughout Quebec for charity. Yes it isn't hockey or Wild-related but the Minnesota forward (for now) did help out a great cause.

The "Big Bear" took part in the Pierre Lavoie Grand Challenge last weekend, a major event in the province that began in 2008 but has roots going back more than a decade. Lavoie, a Canadian triathlete, began to raise awareness for lactic acidosis, which took two of his children. Besides that, it also now raises money and awareness to children about the benefits of a healthy lifestyle.

The entire video with Latendresse is in French but thanks to our resident French-Canadian expert Felix Levasque, here is the gist of the interview:
Well, he says he sent an email to the organization to see if he could participate this year. At first, he wanted to do it with his brother (Olivier Latendresse) but that didn't work out. Both should participate next year. Then, he describes his team and tells who are his teammates
It's an admirable achievement for anyone to do and I say that as someone who is big into cycling. The charity aspect aside, one has to be in great shape to bike 1000 km over 3 days and it's a different workout. Best this also shows how far Guillaume has come from a season-ending concussion in December(of which he was cleared by team doctors today).

(h/t to Felix Levasque with some French-English translations)

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  1. Niiice. To me, that implies Lats hips/groin issues are better than they were when he went out with the concussion. I think it was pretty clear from the number of "maintenace" days the coaching staff was giving him early in the season they still weren't all the way there yet. Burnsie swears by biking for getting yourself ready for hockey season.

    Anybody notice in Russo's article today that Fletcher was also waiting for an email from Don Fuller? Ya think Gui had a body fat test today as well? I'm thinking so. . .