#FRBDraft2012 7 for 7...Let The Games Begin.

We are pleased to bring you our (now) annual series *insert number* for *corresponding number of draft slot*. In a way its a celebration of the knowledge that FRB believes to have accumulated during the course of the year, whether it came from seeing these kids live, on the internet, or read some sheepdip at some rumor site. These posts are what we consider our niche- a focus on the youth of the Minnesota Wild organizational pipeline, and the potential players who could be added to that...

...and we failed miserably at it last year, trying to guess who Minnesota would take at 10. Well, aside from the Brent Burns Draft Day Trade, and the subsequent selection of Zack Phillips at...#28. So we got it right...sorta. Kinda.

We did some homework as to what Brent Flahr and his staff of globe trotting coffee drinkers are looking for, and we feel that these seven players we are about to highlight have those same qualities as well. The glaring hole we all see right now is that we are thin on the defensive side, as compared to forward; Jonas Brodin and Nick Seeler are the only two defensemen taken in the last two Drafts, although Johan Gustafsson and Stephen Michalek, both goalies, have been taken as well.

So it makes sense that it will be a defenseman taken, right? Especially since the Draft is defense-heavy in the top 50 or 60 picks...or will it be a skilled forward who will slip on a Minnesota sweater again this year?

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