Minnesota Wild Prospect Handbook Issue 1: 2011-12 Season Review

MINNEAPOLIS/ST PAUL- In an effort to have the most in-depth Minnesota Wild prospect and draft news and analysis in one convenient place, Hockey Wilderness and First Round Bust have teamed up to put out a Wild Prospect Handbook on a seasonal basis.

This first issue (out now) contains articles on the state of the prospect pool over the last two years, a feature on current University of Minnesota sophomore Erik Haula, the top Minnesota-born players in the 2012 NHL Draft and a feature by Heather Galindo (aka Ms. Conduct) from The Third Intermission on the Houston Aeros' season.

In addition, the top 15 Minnesota Wild prospects are ranked in order of potential and development and the 2012 NHL Draft gets covered with an article that looks at the team's organizational needs and a 30 pick mock draft of the first round.

You can download the first edition of the Wild Prospect Handbook here for FREE.

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First Round Bust:
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Nate Wells - @gopherstate

  • A lot of credit has to go to Daniel Chan of Hockey Wilderness for putting this together. Dan and myself (Nate) did a lot but this is his baby and we're very happy to help out.
  • Feel free to spread this around. In fact, tell your friends about the handbook and have them spread it around.
  • As far as the mock draft goes, Dan took 1,4,7,etc., Nate took 2,5,8, etc. and Daniel took 3,6,9, etc. 
  • This is our first edition so there are bound to be a couple problems. If you see any or have a suggestion, leave it in the comments so we can improve on the next edition.


  1. Just starting to look this over. Quite lovely and professional looking design.

    One quick piece of feedback. . name the .pdf file like you intend this to be the first of many, and with a meaningful name. Makes it easier to find when someone looks for it on their HD, and they shouldn't have to rename it themselves, and the year should be in the name. "WildFull.doc.pdf" just doesn't cut it.

    Yeah, I know, little things.

  2. Could have used a close copy edit however, preferably by a grammar Nazi. Page 8 has us picking 9th this year. . .

    I hate to sound all picky, however --this does appear to be a really cool thing you guys did.

  3. One more thought. You guys might consider going to Amazon Kindle and their program, not only to have it mobile, but you could do print versions as well with CreateSpace that would look awesome and could start a bookshelf for years to come. No upfront costs on that, just per copy (and quite reasonable). Somebody in the group clearly has serious desktop publishing chops, and could easily make a CreateSpace version that would look very, very nice in print. Jes' Sayin'. But wait for incorporating the typos feedback first, of course. Heck, I'd buy one printed/bound well for around $9.95.

  4. And *why* isn't there a Paypal tipjar around here somewhere? Let people show the love!