A Swedish Jonas Brodin Interview Translated

Something that has kind of flown under the radar during the past few weeks is the play of Minnesota Wild 2011 first round pick Jonas Brodin for Sweden in the World Championships. Much like Mikael Granlund last year, Brodin has raised his stock with a performance that had fellow hockey players buzzing and media members voting the 18 year-old Swede as one of the two best defensemen. It's good enough where the debate of whether he can play for the Wild next season is not an argument held up by hope.

As that time slowly arrives, it's good to get to know the 10th overall pick better. Thankfully a user "SouthSwe" on HF Boards translated a Swedish interview Brodin did and we have that after the jump.

This interview is from right before Brodin began playing in the World Championships and features a variety of interesting answers. Can't go wrong with the Mighty Ducks as a favorite hockey movie - hopefully Jonas had a chance to chill at Mickey's last year - but most importantly, it makes perfect sense that he idolizes Nicklas Lidstrom.

Q: Which is the best song to listen to when you prepare for a game.
Bacon: I don't really listen to any music before the game except for what's playing in the locker room and that's usually some rock classics when in Färjestad.

Q: How many stitches have you had at one and the same time.
B: I've never had any stitches so that's zero on that question.

Q: The one with the most stitches is the coolest one right?
B: Yeah I guess that's right, if you are involved in many battles and maybe take a fight so yeah of course.

Q: How does it feel to sit in the penalty box?
B: Nah it doesn't feel good, it's affecting the team so u sit there and feel ashamed.

Q: Who's your hockey idol?
B: It's Nicklas Lidström and always have been since I grew up. He's the best Swedish Defensemen, so yes Nicklas Lidström.

Q: Which is the best hockey movie?
B: I must say Mighty Ducks then.

Q: As a national team player, who is your biggest enemy and why?
B: Enemy, nah, I reckon all my opponents are my enemies.

Q: How old were you when u knew you wanted to be a hockey player?
B: I was about 13-14 years I think. Something like that.

Q: How does it feel to check somebody into the boards?
B: Well, how does it feel. I never really use to hit anyone, I don't play that physical and aren't throwing any hits but of course it feels good to do it.

Q: How does it feel to get hit into the boards?
B: Well, it depends who's hitting you but it usually doesn't hurt, but if it's a bigger guy u might feel it abit.

Q: What's the best practical joke you've done to a teammate?
B: I've actually never done a practical joke. Im the youngest in the team and it's not so often the young ones who does the practical jokes but sometimes they do it to me.

Q: What rituals do you have pregame?
B: I always tie my left skate before the right one. That's the only one I have I think.

Thanks again to SouthSwe for translating this!


  1. OMG! He just said the Swedish equivalent of "You go to the box... two minutes by yourself... and you feel shame!!!!!!!!!!!"

  2. Most. Boring. Interview. Ever. But the shame thing saved it a little.