Granlund Watch Day 3: Too Many Rappers, Not Enough Mikael

Editor's Note: Granlund Watch is an ongoing feature chronicling the ongoing saga of waiting for 2010 first round pick Mikael Granlund to sign an entry-level contract with the Minnesota Wild after competing in the 2012 World Championships for Finland. It will run daily until June 1, when he must be signed before the Wild lose his rights, or if he signs a deal, whichever comes first.

Lets see, there's not much to talk about in today's Granlund Watch, which is now in its third day of action. Something did happen with a Granlund being signed and loaned today but it was Swede Mattias Granlund rather than the 9th overall pick in 2010 and #1 Minnesota Wild prospect.

However, Finnish tabloid Iltalehti did report that a contract between the Wild and Granlund is close and only requires his signature. While the article is in Finnish (and as we know Google Translate leaves us with gems like "Rumors of North America to tell us that Granlund for a place to bedded lions captain Mikko Koivu alongside. Granlund was playing in the World Cup match while the bronze birch chain.), the most important thing to take away from it is that they confirmed the news with Mikael's agent.
Under the terms are clear, and this week everything is ready, Granlund's agent Ilkka Larva confirmed Iltalehti.
So while there's not much news today and nothing hockey-related - I miss those Team Finland updates already - things look like they will be picking up tomorrow or Thursday. At least one way or another. For now, here's a picture to mark Day 3 and remember there's still time.

God help us, there's still time.

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  1. There is only so much that they can give him so I hope he signs soon.