Minnesota Wild Prospects: Erik Haula Goes "Beast Mode" Otos Kaksi (VIDEO)

The old saying is true - blondes do have more fun.

Along with the rest of University of Minnesota team, Erik Haula bleached his hair blonde for the beginning of the WCHA playoffs. After going "beast mode" last weekend in a 2-1 victory over Wisconsin, the 7th round pick by Minnesota in 2009 one-upped his own effort by scoring his 16th and 17th goals of the season in Friday night's 2-1 win over Alaska-Anchorage.

Haula's first goal of the evening 1:42 into the second period  is below the jump (once again, thanks to Fox Sports North for making these clips available).

He came close to also taking down the plexiglass with a single punch. It didn't happen but there's always room to improve.

And just for good measure, here's goal number two (which was ruled good by the refs because while Seawolves goalie Chris Kamal was knocked down by Gopher Jake Hansen, he wouldn't have gotten to the puck regardless).

All in all, it was a good night for the University of Minnesota sophomore forward and Minnesota Wild prospect. He hasn't been the most consistent player this season but tonight saw two goals, a chance for a third in the first period, solid defensive play and good skating. Best of all, the team is winning.

Apparently this is Erik Haula's world and we just live in it.


  1. fyi: 'ottaa' is a verb, 'take' as a noun would be translated as 'otto'.

    but hey, nice to see someone scoring in the wild organization.

    1. In this context it would be 'otos' rather than 'otto'.

    2. Just went with what Google Translate said so not surprised to see the context was wrong. Thanks for the lesson in Finnish!

  2. "Osa Kaksi" would be even better, because "Otos" is a very formal and professional term, not perhaps the best choice in this context. But yeah, it's fine as it is.