Devin Setoguchi Hit By Car In Preseason - Is Anyone Surprised?

The Minnesota Wild have had their share of injuries this season - losing 320 man-games and counting - but it appears that the origin of the injury prone season stretches all the way back to July.

Minnesota Wild F Devin Setoguchi (Photo from Zimbio)
That month saw then-newly acquired Wild forward Devin Setoguchi being hit by a car. The news, which came out during a story in Wednesday's Minneapolis Star Tribune, somehow stayed hidden all year before now.

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In the story, the main piece of the Brent Burns trade tells beat writer Michael Russo that a flower pot saved his life.
Setoguchi walked into his chiropractor's office in San Jose, Calif., three weeks after being traded to Minnesota. Outside, an elderly woman lost control of her car as she tried to park in a handicapped space. Paralyzed from the waist down, the woman was using hand controls to drive.

"She hit the wrong trigger, and hit 'go' instead of 'stop,'" Setoguchi said, shaking his head. "She drove right through the door. But first, she hit a cement flowerpot."
The scary thing is that regardless of hockey, things could have been a lot worse.

Thankfully Setoguchi was not seriously injured but did mess up his hand to the point where he lost three weeks of off-season training. It would explain somewhat his slow start (9 points in his first 17 games) although Devin has been streaky throughout his NHL career. He's been one of the few bright spots lately and really upped his game on the forecheck against Vancouver. It's a good sign as Setoguchi's first Wild season draws to a close and  he becomes more consistent and healthy; coming close to scoring 20 goals in 60+ games.

The only negative about this news coming out now is that getting hit by a car still does not explain Setoguchi's Yakety Sax shootout fail.

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  1. How bizarre is that? Could have been killed or seriously injured quite easily. Sometimes life is so very random.