Pierre-Marc Bouchard Out With Concussion Symptoms (Again)

Well that sucks.

A month after Guillaume Latendresse lasted all of two games in his return from a concussion, another Minnesota Wild player with a history of head injuries is sidelined.

Pierre-Marc Bouchard (photo from NHL Snipers)

Pierre-Marc Bouchard was placed on IR after suffering concussion symptoms, according to this tweet by the Star Tribune's Michael Russo. From his blog:
According to GM Chuck Fletcher, Bouchard hasn't felt comfortable since the Zach Bogosian check into the boards last month in Winnipeg. Late in last week's Vancouver game, Bouchard was checked again and has been experiencing symptoms.
Fletcher said Bouchard's symptoms aren't near as severe as when he was out with post-concussion syndrome during the year-plus away, Fletcher did admit they were being vague with Bouchard's injury, but he did suffer a groin strain as well against Vancouver. 
Fletcher said he will look for external solutions as long as he doesn't have to dismantle the prospect core for short-term fixes.
Bouchard previously was out for eighteen months (minus one game) with a concussion in 2009 so any additional concussion symptoms are cause for concern regardless of how decimated the Wild's offense is presently. Right now the team is without Latendresse and recently lost Devin Setoguchi and Mikko Koivu for stretches of play. The injuries and lack of consistency in the top-six have hurt Minnesota's offense and the Wild are presently 28th in scoring.

Although I'm happy Minnesota is being careful with Bouchard, the fact that they misled the public by calling his injury "lower body" is discouraging. He may have a groin strain and be banged up - what hockey player isn't after 40-plus games - but how are we supposed to take the claim that Bouchard's symptoms aren't as severe as last year seriously when the team admits it was trying to be more vague then the "upper" or "lower" body injuries players have in the NHL?

Hopefully this ends up being a moot point for both the Wild and Pierre-Marc Bouchard's case, but until the situation changes it's going to be in the back of my mind.


  1. Also, if he didn't feel comfortable, why in the hell was he playing?

  2. @JL

    I have a cynical answer. If this is a concussion, I think PMB's career is in trouble. If PMB realizes this, I think he tried to play through it in hopes it was something else.

    Perhaps today there is no denying it anymore?

  3. If that's the case, Pierre-Marc Bouchard knows the consequences of concussions more than anyone. Scary.