What Does It Take To Get A Suspension?

Once again, that is the question on Wild fans' minds after another game which has featured a questionable hit. It's to the point where almost every game has one and Hockey Wilderness has even made a form letter.

This time Jared Spurgeon, the 5'9" defenseman who only three days ago was featured in a Star Tribune article calling him Minnesota's iron man, was hit from behind in the first period by Colorado's Cody McLeod.

Video courtesy of Felix Levasque

McLeod was given a five minute major and game misconduct but will he follow the path others have and not be suspended? More on the other side.

McLeod's hit, which looks even worse the more you watch, is not the first checking from behind penalty Minnesota has seen. Just last game against Edmonton, Marek Zidlicky had this happen to him:

.gif courtesy of CJ Fogler (@cjzero)

Looks bad enough for Lennart Petrell to get a suspension right? Nope.

Okay but how about Zach Bogosian hitting Pierre-Marc Bouchard into the boards from behind?

Nope. Despite the broken nose and moment of the game, Bouchard turned into it.

But how about this Rene Bourque hit which looks similar to the above two?

That would be a suspension.

It's confusing, right? Honestly I've given up trying to figure out what is or isn't a suspension. That makes no sense because the reason Brendan Shanahan now has the Director of Player Safety job is to give some transparency and consistency. Although this isn't the first time on First Round Bust anyone has called out Shanahan, it's reached a point where after Pierre-Marc Bouchard was suspended for "not having control of his stick" that the exact opposite has happened. The boards, Cal Clutterbuck having a knee on knee hit, Josh Harding getting ran over, none of it has been enough of an offense to make a video.

In the end, that makes it tough on fans to know what is suspension-worthy and what is just a 5 minute major. The NHL has examples (as shown below) but the calls are not consistent and even past factors like how injured a player is seem to have disappeared.

With the rules and how they've been called, it's hard to know whether or not Cody McLeod's hit is bad enough even if Jared Spurgeon is seriously hurt. So all I ask Mr. Shanahan on behalf of the Minnesota Wild fanbase is what does it take to get a suspension?

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  1. Jared Spurgeon: no suspension

    Sidney Crosby: suspension