The Big Bear Is Coming Out Of Hibernation

One of the blessings and curses about a concussion is that there is no set timetable for an athlete to return. They might be out for a couple days or, like in the case of Pierre-Marc Bouchard, 15 months.

Fortunately for Minnesota Wild fans, it appears that Guillaume "Big Bear" Latendresse (I kid you not, that's his actual nickname and the over/under on Dan Terhaar and Mike Greenlay calling him that will be at 4 mentions) is making his return tonight.

This has nothing to do with Guillaume Latendresse but it's a F-ing Bear holding a gun while riding a shark. How cool is that? (h/t HF Boards user Minnesota)

According to Michael Russo of the Star Tribune, Latendresse will be activated today after missing 15 games because Matt Cullen is sick with the flu and there are no other forwards who made the trip to Atlanta Winnipeg. The Wild forward was put on injured reserve after being receiving two hits - one by Calgary's Mark Giodano and one by San Jose's Douglas Murray - which were a little dirty and gave him concussion symptoms.

Minnesota head coach Mike Yeo stated that he will bring Gui back slowly and give him fourth-line minutes tonight. Like Bouchard last year, that's probably the best course of action.

Right now I think it's good to get Latendresse back; even if he's not 100% healthy. As a team, the Wild need scoring and shoot-first players and that is exactly what he brings to the table. It's unfortunate that Gui's concussion has not let the fans in the State of Hockey see much of the 25 goal scorer for Minnesota in 2009-2010 trying to return to full health this season. Those are the breaks in hockey.

However on a team which has battled through injuries and illness all year (the Wild are leading the league in number of players used), getting back an important cog like Guillaume Latendresse goes far.

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  1. You left out that the bear is smoking a cigar and wearing a bandana. Frankly, all he is missing is a big wide shoulder-to-hip ammo belt that says "Chuck Norris is a P***y!" across the front.