Your Obligatory Brent Burns Post

Biggest freaking non-story and I'm gonna write about it. Jeez.


Generally when there is somewhat of a "landmark" game, like when a former player returns to play with his new team, there will be some attention given to that >occasion. So yes, this is a post that will be Brent Burns-centric, not so much for the nostalgia factor, but because of his comments made today to Mark Emmons of the San Jose Mercury News.

“I want them to lose every game...You think I want them to do well?...I’ve been watching how they’ve been doing, hoping that they would lose every game, You have to be competitive to reach this level and I’m a pretty intense guy. And when a team doesn’t want you, you sure don’t want them to go 82-0...I have a lot of friends there and you want them to score six goals and lose."

There's more fodder in the Emmons blog post, including some sort of weird analogy to a country music song. It was noted that Burns was smiling the entire time, so there was no perceived bitterness, but it doesn't take a rocket surgeon to tell that he's mad about...being traded to a perennial playoff team and possible Stanley Cup contender in sunny California from a team who is finally starting to build upon a now-explicit vision.

Ok, I get it, you're kinda owly about being traded from a place you adore, a place you wanted to play your entire career. But come on you really believe that Chuck Fletcher and his merry band of hooligans didn't want you in a Minnesota sweater? Since I never heard or read one confirmed report of the reason you were traded was because you wouldn't or couldn't be extended, I'll tell you why you are now in San Jose with your snakes and tattoos- business.

Sorry buddy, but you were the sacrificial lamb. In order for Minnesota to get better, you had to be made available to the highest bidder. And Doug Wilson, your current General Manager bid the highest- and while you probably don't care, Minnesota got quite the boatload in return, which, in a way, shows how highly Minnesota AND San Jose valued you, with all your talents and shortcomings, as a player. Its not like Chuck Fletcher gave you away for "future considerations", or put you on waivers, or buried you and your contract in some Austrian beer league.

"and when a team doesn't want you..." pfffffffffffft. What a load of sheep dip.

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  1. Who's mad? This is incredibly obviously just Burns having some fun with the media hoopla around the game.