Giving Thanks on Thanksgiving

Things that First Round Bust is grateful for:

- Savvy Drafting

- Advanced Stats Proponents and the term "regression."

- Fans of a Divisional Rival that use Advanced Stats to harsh our mellow. We'll just let John Cullen sum it up best.


- The Marek Vs. Wyshynski Podcast. Do yourself a favor and listen to this everyday. And Twice on Sundays.

- A First Place Hockey Team.

- Stories like this. It actually made Sportscenter, but there was nary a mention of Minnesota's standing in the league.

- "Let Sidney Crosby do his thing, and we'll do ours"

- Our readers. All six of you.

From all of the writers for First Round Bust, we wish you a grand Thanksgiving and the ability to reach deep down inside for that third plate of food today.

1 comment:

  1. That Pronman piece is great to see. Having 4 prospects in the top 30, *and* sitting atop the league (for the moment, at least) is a hella nice combination! I was also quite thankful to see that he feels Phillips skating has improved.