Previewing The Wild Previews

With every major and minor media outlet putting out their own "30 in 30" or predictions in preparation for the regular season, we figured to save you, the amazing and beautiful reader, some time (and possibly suck up) by previewing every Minnesota Wild preview. Some are well-written, some believe the Wild will make the playoffs and others think Minnesota will fail for Nail. The previews are ranked on getting their facts right and making a solid argument so not all "good" previews see the Wild being playoff-bound and not all "bad" previews think Minnesota is in trouble.


The Good

-ESPN Power Rankings and Scott Burnside. For the record, these don't match up with the ESPN The Magazine predictions. Those would be in the Ugly section if they weren't behind a paywall.

-Pro Hockey Talk is fairly realistic and looks at all the offseason moves.

-Our friends over at Hockey Wilderness are pretty optimistic and why not. They cover the Wild inside and out so it's hard to not have their facts straight.

-The State of Hockey News also has a positive outlook for the Wild.

-Cappers' Picks is fairly thorough with their Wild preview albeit the defense gets overlooked some and doesn't really give a betting tip.

The Bad
-The 5 Hole doesn't really explain anything Wild fans don't know.

-Same thing goes with this short Sports Gnome preview.

-Crime Spree Hockey is kind to the Wild (albeit still have them out of the postseason) and probably has the best of the short previews; however the preview is just too short to put in the "good" section. still believes Pierre-Marc Bouchard is a center.

-And this preview from The Sports Network believes Bouchard is playing with Dany Heatley and Mikko Koivu.

-The Hockey News gets saddled in the "bad" section for both applauding and dismissing Brent Burns depending on the team. Can't complain about the position (11th) but not a fan of the explanation.

-Bleacher Report is upholding the fine, fine tradition of Bleacher Report. Normally it would just be an ugly read but the author is thinking playoffs.

The Ugly

-Puck Daddy's Wild preview which Jarick already took issue with. Enough said.

-Hockey Prospectus also has the Wild last in the NHL which Dan took issue with.

-Fortunately we don't have the article but USA Today's Kevin Allen did pick Minnesota to finish last in the West

-Bodog's odds for the Wild this season. The over/under is 82.5 points after a season which Minnesota had 86 and making the playoffs is at +400 (so if you bet $100 on making the playoffs and they do you make $500).

-Apparently Ottawa fans are still rooting for Dany Heatley to fail as this preview shows. It also shows the fact the Fansided network doesn't have a Wild writer for Gone Puck Wild.

-Then again, this Ottawa fan previewing Minnesota is more realistic. It's also horribly incomplete and partially incorrect but you can't win them all.

-And lastly Driving Play has no idea...literally that's the most coherent part of the preview. Bad advanced stats use, knowing facts like Brent Burns' expiring contract and the use of opinion to shape an argument.


  1. Wild fans throughout the State of Hockey are mourning the departure of Cam O'Sullivan (Crime Spree).

  2. Haha, and Setoguchi is also going to play in Minnesota for 40 years. That guy needs to proofread.

  3. Also can I just sum up the previews in five words? "LOL Minnesota Sharks = lottery pick"

    Holy crap that "Driving Play" article was bad. He just got to Minnesota on the preview list and then the HF Boards groupthink "boring, Heatley sucks" mentality took over.

  4. Who doesn't miss Cam O'Sullivan? He was a the best fictional Minnesota player this side of Adam Banks.