On The Grind

As it stands now, Minnesota two wins in five games, but the point total is six- good for a tie for 4th in the Western Conference, although Anaheim has the tie breaker (yes kids, its never too early to talk tiebreakers) because it has more wins. There's no doubt that two wins in 5 games seems pretty paltry, but while its good to get the two points every night, the reality is that Minnesota just can't walk away with zero when the final buzzer sounds.
In this week's edition of 30 Thoughts Elliotte Friedman uses the main bulk of the piece to talk about how its imperative to get off to a good start at season's beginning with the contention that it becames so hard to catch up ground as the season moves on; the dreaded three point game.
Of course, we in Minnesota are aware of this- the past few years it seems like the team would make a push to get into the playoff picture, but it was continually a slippery slope as two teams ahead of The Wild would play, and each would get points out of it. As Friedman points out in some research, that if you are out of the Top 8 come November 1, the chances of you making the playoffs is pretty slim.

This brings me back to the points vs. win total thing so far; the fact that Minnesota is walking away with at least a point in 4 of 5 games so far isn't just a nice bonus, its crucial to making the playoffs.

The ability to grind it out to get to the extra stanza and the "charity point" is also big for a team who is still in the process of installing a new system, ideology, and verbiage- and for a possibly potent top line who is still in the process of learning to play with one another. So the reality is that this team is showing that it is capable of winning games outright, but considering that there is still on an on-going learning curve (gotta love what Mike Yeo did with the team's practice on Sunday,) this team isn't just losing games outright either- which is a necessity considering the desire to see postseason play this Spring.

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  1. When faced with a choice of what I want the Wild to be trying to figure out right now --how to hold on to a two point lead to win a game outright vs how to come back from being down to at least steal that charity point. . . I know which I prefer, and it's the one they've been showing so far.